Friday, October 2, 2009

Rio 2016 - Olympic Games - Master Plan‏

The visual identity of the Rio de Janeiro candidature consists of a logo and a slogan, which are being applied in marketing moves during the campaign.[87] Designed by Ana Soter and selected among four finalists by a special jury, the logo was unveiled during the 2007 Brazilian Olympic Awards, held at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, on December 17, 2007.[87][88][89] The
Sugarloaf Mountain was chosen as the symbol, representing the natural richness of Rio de Janeiro.[88] According to the Rio de Janeiro 2016 bid committee, the design as a whole conveys a heart shape, representing Brazilian passion and enthusiasm for sports.[88][90] Through its mirroring effect, the symbol also forms a stylized clover.[88] At midnight on January 1, 2009, Rio de Janeiro's Olympic slogan "Live your passion" was launched as part of the New Year's celebrations.[87][91][92] The slogan reflects the Brazilian people's way of getting passionately involved in whatever they do.[93] It was projected onto a Rio de Janeiro 2016-themed big wheel immediately after the ten-second countdown to the beginning of 2009.[94] The structure, purposedly erected at the Copacabana beach to promote the candidature,[95] is 36 m (118 ft 1 in) high, weighs 80 tonnes (180,000 lb) and has 24 gondolas with a capacity for 144 people.[96] Approximately two million people attended the official launch of Rio de Janeiro's bid slogan.

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