Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Laser Die Cut

This package was done by LaserExcel for Starbucks


Laser cutting offers you:
- Clean, detailed cutting in most non-metallic materials.
- An ability to cut anything you can draw!
- Low set-up charges with no minimum runs.
- Fast turnaround.
- Wide range of materials.

Typical materials and applications:
Plywood – from 0.8 to 12mm thick. Bookmarks, jigsaws, clocks and clock figures.
MDF – from 2 to 15mm thick. Toys, puzzles and craft items.
Cardboard – up to triple wall board. Bespoke packaging.
Fabrics – natural and man-made fibres.
Acrylic – up to 12mm thick (with polished edges).
Paper – up to any weight and finish.
Polypropylene – up to 2mm thick.

Two companies that sell the equipment are:
LaserSharp® Digital Converting technology advances the die cutting process by eliminating the need to produce tooling to die cut a part.

The Preco FlexPro®
CNC laser cutting system provides the speed of galvanometer processing with all the versatility of an XY motion system.

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